• Cleat Compatibility

    iSSi Clipless Pedal Cleat Compatibility

    For riders looking to take the next step into clipless pedals, determining which shoes, which cleats, and which pedals work together is the first big hurdle.

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  • What Are Clipless Pedals, and Why Would I Want Them?

    Benefits of Clipless Pedals

    Clipless pedals can boost a cyclist’s efficiency, and provide a confidence inspiring interface between bike and rider.

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  • Stance Width and Why it’s Important

    Q Factor | Why Pedal Stance Width is Important

    Longer extended pedal spindles can be the key to proper bicycle fit, function and comfort. Q-Factor and Spindle Length are two essential measurements to proper cycling Stance Width.

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  • How to Swap iSSi Pedal Spindles

    How to Remove or Replace iSSi Pedal Spindles

    This tutorial explains how to remove and replace your iSSi pedal spindles/axles, whether overhauling old pedals, or adding longer spindles for a custom fit. Includes required tools for axle replacement.

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  • iSSi Spindle and Bearing Tech

    iSSi Pedal Spindles Explained: What’s the Difference?

    iSSi pedals feature three spindle types, each featuring a different combination of sealed cartridge bearings and/or bushings to give riders a range of price and performance options.

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