How to Remove or Replace iSSi Pedal Spindles

iSSi pedals offer multiple fit options by allowing easy replacement of pedal spindles. iSSi offers 3 different spindle lengths to fine tune your fit. Swapping spindles is a simple process that can be accomplished in a short time.

Download this guide (PDF)


  • 5/6/8mm hex wrench
  • 9mm thin-wall socket
  • Grease
  • Torque wrench
  • Vice
  • Axle/Spindle vice inserts


  1. Place pedal in a vise using axle/spindle jaw inserts. If you do not have a vise, the spindle can be stabilized using an 8mm hex wrench inserted into the broach on the spindle.
  2. Remove pedal body end cap using a 5mm hex wrench
  3. Remove spindle lock nut using a thin-wall 9mm socket. The right spindle lock nut uses a left-hand thread while the left spindle lock nut uses a right- hand thread.
  4. Remove pedal body from old spindle.
  5. Remove old pedal spindle from axle vice. Place your new spindle in vice and apply grease to the new spindle.
  6. Replace pedal body onto new spindle.
  7. Reinstall spindle lock nut onto spindle using thin-wall 9mm socket.
  8. Reinstall pedal end cap into pedal body using a 5mm hex wrench.