• iSSi Flash | Do everything Clipless Pedal

    iSSi Flash

    All-purpose clipless pedal

    • Lightweight, all-purpose pedal
    • Three spindle type options
    • Three spindle length options
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  • iSSI Flip | Dual Purpose Colored Clipless Pedal

    iSSi Flip

    2-in-1 dual purpose pedal

    • Clipless pedal performance and platform versatility
    • Two spindle options
    • Six colored pedal options
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  • iSSi Road | All Purpose Colored Road Pedal

    iSSi Road

    All purpose road pedal

    • Lightweight, carbon body
    • Three cleat float options
    • Eight colored pedal options
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  • iSSi Trail | MTB Clipless bike pedal

    iSSi Trail

    Off-road warrior pedal

    • Wide body for comfort and control
    • Three spindle options
    • Eight pedal color options
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