September 28, 2018
Last modified: March 21, 2019

We’re back with our friends to share their last set of helpful tips from the mountain biking skills clinic with Roots MTB. In this final video, we will hear a little bit about proper pedal stance and the art of stomping.

Using the proper pedal stance allows you to stomp like in the video. Here is a quick run through how to do that:

  1. Position your feet in the middle of the pedals at the 3 and 6 o’clock positions
  2. Weight distributed evenly over the middle of the bike for stability on the pedals
  3. Push down hard on the shocks, then lean in the direction that you want the bike to tip
  4. Lean back to lift the front wheel over an obstacle, forward to lift the back wheel, or straight up for a bunny hop
  5. For even more hight, lift your handle bars or tuck your feet up to create additional clearance
  6. Return to the centered, even position for a safe landing

This skill will allow you to tackle more obstacles head-on, and open up new path on your next mountain riding adventure. Thanks again to Roots Mountain Biking for teaching us all of these valuable skills. We hope you’ve learned a helpful thing or two as well. For more great tips and how-tos come back again soon!