Our Do-it-all Clipless Pedal

  • Compatible with SPD pedals & cleats
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes
  • Two-sided clipless

The Flash is our do-everything, minimalist pedal designed tough for the MTB trail and comfortable enough for all-day road rides. Three spindle options provide flexibility for all budgets, from new-to-clipless pedal riders and experienced riders alike.

​Our smoothest rolling, most durable pedals give you the most options for personalizing your ride.

​Flash II pedals come with serviceable bushing & bearing spindles and a multitude of color options.

Maintenance-free double bushing spindles spin smooth at a lower pricepoint


  • Chromoly spindle, ED-coated, 8mm hex broach
  • 52.5mm spindle length with +6mm and +12mm options available
  • SPD-compatible black chrome hardware
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • 4º cleat float, 14.6° angle of release
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes