Off-road warrior MTB pedals

  • Compatible with SPD pedals & cleats
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes
  • Two-sided clipless

A wider platform provides solid pedal contact and mechanism protection for the rigors of cross-country and all-mountain riding—the iSSi Trail pedal provides the rider with more control and more confidence when the terrain gets tough. Get MTB XC pedals that help you attack the trail with ease, maximizing the connection between foot and pedal.

When you equip your bike with Trail pedals, you can take advantage of this product’s:

  • Optional spindle kits optimize ergonomics, keeping proper hip, knee and foot alignment
  • High-quality bearings
  • Durable construction that stands up to the elements

The Trail III spins on the iSSi triple bearing system—our smoothest rolling and most durable.

Read more about pedal spindle length

Bushing & bearing configuration in multiple spindle lengths and colors.

Read more about pedal spindle length

Simple, no-maintenance double-bushing spindle.


  • Chromoly spindle, ED-coated
  • 8mm hex broach
  • 52.5mm spindle length with +6mm and +12mm options available
  • SPD-compatible
  • Black chrome hardware
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • 4º cleat float, 14.6° angle of release
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes