iSSi Trail

Off-road warrior pedal

A wider platform provides solid pedal contact and mechanism protection for the rigors of cross-country and all-mountain riding—the iSSi Trail pedal provides the rider with more control and more confidence when the terrain gets tough. The iSSI Trail pedal is available in eight color options.

  • Compatible with SPD pedals & cleats
    Compatible with SPD pedals & cleats
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes
    Compatible with two-bolt style shoes
  • Two-sided clipless
    Two-sided clipless

Double-bushing spindles provide smooth action at a lower price-point, while bushing & bearing spindles offer multiple spindle length and color options.Triple bearing pedals offer the greatest durability and the full selection of spindle and color options. Click for more.

Most riders will be happy with the standard length (52.5mm) spindle. Riders needing more heel clearance or a custom fit can opt for longer 58.5 or 64.5mm spindles. Click for more.

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  • Chromoly spindle, ED-coated
  • 8mm hex broach
  • 52.5mm spindle length with +6mm and +12mm options available
  • SPD Compatible
  • Black chrome hardware
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • 4º cleat float
  • Compatible with two-bolt style shoes
  • Two-sided clipless pedal


  • “iSSi Trail pedals offer a real alternative to Shimano pedals and one with fitting and color options that the Japanese giant doesn’t provide. The iSSi Trail pedals are a win for mountain bike clipless pedal users who want more, like me.”

    Nick Legan,
  • “To be honest, I didn’t think there was a reason to consider anything other than Shimano when looking at SPD-style pedals, but iSSi’s Triple Trails changed my mind.”

    Mike Levy, Pinkbike
  • “The iSSi pedals…clear the snow, ice and other assorted stuff very well, their clip and cleat design was probably the smoothest I’ve ever ridden, the engagement was solid and clipping out was never an issue.”

    Greg Smith,